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My professional mission statement is to help educate and inspire youth and adults to become well-rounded athletes so that they may enjoy movement for a lifetime. 

Writing about movement and health is a huge part of why I love what I do. I've written countless articles for blogs, Climbing Magazine, Deadpoint Mag, The Mountaineers, and Women's Health. I've also written a guide to movement training called Simple Strength.

Over the years, I have personally coached and consulted hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts as well as elite level athletes in tennis and climbing. Currently I coach youth and adults at the Seattle Bouldering Project, as well as online training. If you would like my help individually, I strongly encourage you to check out my online programs.

The only way I can coach what I coach is to continue training myself. I still compete in climbing, and love to go outside and crush some hard boulders. I train myself like I train my athletes, with movement training, lifting, and good nutrition. My athletic history includes elite level competition in tennis and bouldering.

I am an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and have a Master's in Human Movement. I love to learn and stay current with the research in health, fitness, and climbing. I continue to challenge myself by taking education courses and certifications.

For questions just email me at info@modusathletica.com

Steps to Simple Strength

Simple Strength Book

Developing efficiency of movement through practice and training – using only three basic human movements: the push up, the squat, and the back bend.
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Body Armour Program

This 4 week program is designed to build a solid layer of body armour so that you can do whatever you want to do.
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Online Training

Overcome plateaus and reach your next level with a personalized program delivered online. For inquiries, please email Mercedes at info@modusathletica.com.
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As Featured In

“Mercedes has tremendous knowledge of both climbing technique and general fitness. Whether you're a climber, a tennis player, or a triathlete, she will increase you're fitness and improve your athletic skill and ability. I would recommend Mercedes highly for anyone looking to improve in their respective sport.”
Dan Michels
"Training with Mercedes was a critical part of meeting my climbing goals.  Not only was she helpful with climbing specific strength training but also guided me in recovery excises that made a world of difference for me.”
Mike Melanson
“The moral of the story is, when you're injured or recovering from surgery, the very best thing you can do is continue to train. I'm super thankful to have had Mercedes guide me through the process, keep me strong, and help shorten my recovery time by 50%. That's results.”
Maria Hines, Chef and Restaurant Owner
“The body weight exercises that Mercedes put together for me helped me engage and strengthen muscles that I wasn't using. The program has dramatically helped with my stability, balance, endurance, and overall movement in only a short amount of time. Incorporating these into my training routine has made me a stronger and more durable climber.”
Jeff Marcell
"I'm so lucky to have found Mercedes!  She was a critical partner in my rehabilitation from a herniated disc.  Not only does she instantly make you feel comfortable,  she has a special talent for finding weaknesses and the knowledge to match exercise and drills to push you gently past them. She is very intelligent, personable and caring - an excellent personal trainer."
Marika Reinke, Artist
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